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Feature film visual effects

Feature film reel
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simulationS, environmentS and compositing

We create spectacular, dynamic and complex effects and environments for award winning features

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Escape from a collapsing skyscraper sequence amidst a snowy post-apocalyptic vista

Sentient swarms of techno gadgets

A dramatic explosion obliterates the villain's lair

Explosions, vehicle water splashing, building destruction for a WWII-based period action thriller

A mountain sized tornado - on Mars!

Epic flood tears through a crystal cave ceiling, then smashes into an ancient temple in this VFX award winning adventure film

Waves of fire roll across the trenches in John Woo's war drama

Dazzling tornadoes of energy and hypnotic psychedelic visions

Fiery carriage chase in a paranormal force buzzed XIX century forest

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