The Bottleship team

Founded and led by distinguished artists, focused on quality and performance.

Hristo Velev

FX, Management

Hristo Velev made his name creating destruction and particle dynamics on spectacles like ‘2012’, ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Iron Man 3’, among others. Very active in the animation community, authored several training packages. One of the founders of Bottleship in 2013, positioned as FX lead and general co-manager.


Martin Naydenski

CG, Management

Martin Naydenski encountered 3D graphics in the far 1999. Growing as a classical CG artist, he has amassed a sizeable portfolio since then. Some of Martin’s film credits include ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, ‘The Last Days on Mars’, ‘The Leviathan’ and others. He is one of the founders of Bottleship, CG Lead and general co-manager.

Previous work

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Joni Jacobson

Executive Producer

Lyubomir Grancharov

Manager of operations

Lyubomir joined Bottleship VFX in 2014, singlehandedly taking care of everything necessary to keep the lights on in a growing company. He has taken us through in projects such as “Mojin – The Lost Legend”, and “The Crossing”, as head of production.

Virdjiniya Marinova


Virdjiniya came into the Bottleship VFX team as a VFX Coordinator from the photography world. Addicted to art, good books and yoga.

Nikolay Velev


Nikolay came from the Bulgarian National Radio’s IT squad with the passion to learn more. His role in Bottleship will be to keep engines running and to prevent the binary “sea-storms”. A bookworm, music lover and musician in the after hours.

Veselin Gyurov


Veselin joined Bottleship VFX in the winter of 2014 as a junior FX Artist/TD and quickly expanded his experience in fluids,volumetrics and RBD simulations. Even better, he does bring some coding skills into the mix, implementing important pipeline components.

Iliya Halembakov


Ilia first touched 3D software at the New Bulgarian University, where he studied Computer Graphics and later worked as Graphic Designer. Doing his first professional steps as an illustrator and animator for games, he was captivated by dynamics  simulations and VFX, and he eventually got into freelancing FX work, mainly for short films and music videos, before he was discovered by Bottleship. He loves open source software and actively supports several open source projects.

Yasen Panev


Soon after finishing his master’s degree in Computer Animation, he found his way into Bottleship’s FX department. Highly motivated and committed, quickly moving forward..Most passionate about particle based effects, rigid body dynamics and fluids.

Delyan Ketipov


Delyan has more than ten years of compositing experience in titles like  “Expendables”, “Olympus Has Fallen”, “Rambo”, “Conan The Barbarian” to name a few. He is the Compositing Lead of Bottleship VFX.

Ivo Kalyonski


Ivo made the jump to a compositing artist when he outgrew his advertising design background. Member of the Bottleship comp team since the beginning of 2014, and part time extreme metal vocalist!

Desislava Valcheva


Desislava started her career in 2006 after successful fin of a 2d compositing crash course. Few years of freelancing followed before Bottleship VFX found her. Best known for making some of the outstanding visual effects for the Game of Thrones TV show and Emmy winning episode “Battle of the bastards”. She enjoys working on beautiful shots.

Vladimir Gerasimov


Vladimir is a big FX enthusiast, hard working and learning very fast. By teaching himself of particle based effects, rigid body dynamics and fluids, he found his way into Bottleship and joined the team as junior artist.

Petko Ganev


Petko has been interested in animation and computer graphics ever since he got his first PC in the 4th grade. His first encounter with 3D software was in 2013 when he started an university course for computer and video games. Quickly developing his skills and interest, he was eager to be in a production environment. Wound up in bottleship vfx as a
3D generalist right after graduating in 2016. Now he’s stepping on new grounds, learning and working hard to walk into the realm of vfx.

Stela Kamburova


Finishing her master degree of Graphic Design of Non-print Media in National Academy of Art Sofia, Stella jumps bravely from making UI for games into the dynamic 3D space of Bottleship as a Junior Generalist.

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