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As you might know, both Bottleship and Chaos Group are in Sofia, Bulgaria – only a short subway ride away! Chaos group is a global rendering software development leader with their fast, robust and mature product V-Ray, on an ever growing number of platforms. Locally, they are a huge success story, one of the leaders of a booming software development sector here in Sofia.

Like a lot of the VFX companies out there, we are using V-Ray to do almost all our rendering, making that a great relationship to have, and we make sure the tree is watered often!

So, one sunny day in March, we picked up the whole team and paid the cool guys at Chaos Group a visit. It takes about half an hour from our cozy office in the very central and old part of downtown, to their shiny and futuristic office building along the main eastern boulevard into the city.

When we arrived there, we had a great time with them and exciting conversations about the latest trends and developments.

We want to specifically send thanks to:

Alexander Karakashev, who did all the behind the scenes work of putting everybody in the same room. This is harder than it sounds, at that level of frenetic activity. 

Boris Simandoff, who is running the cloud computing division, and it was an interesting talk about emerging business models in render services delivery, cloud computing, rendering hardware, V-Ray’s role in different areas of CG, and virtual reality.

Blagovest Taskov, who is now leading the V-Ray RT team, which is pretty awesome. They are making serious strides which is very impressive indeed. He’s focused on GPUs, and coupled with the rapid progress in their performance and available memory, things are getting very interesting for VFX production. Currently we’re using V-Ray RT in both GPU and CPU mode for look development – it’s very convenient to get realtime feedback, tuning lights and materials much faster, more accurate and less frustrating.

And Svetlin Nikolov, who is taking over the lead in the Phoenix FD team after Ivo Katev focused on VR scans. VR scans is another fascinating development worth its own in-depth look, but Phoenix FD, being more aligned to our needs, was of bigger interest.

We had the chance to return the hospitality by getting their team in for a day a couple weeks later, showing them all our current water workflows, and heavily indoctrinating them on what we thought a powerful fluids simulation and rendering platform should be. Fortunately, turns out ideas were quite aligned, so something might actually come out of that. We’re committed to helping them design something great from a production standpoint. We do believe that great things happen where artists and developers meet and have a good discussion – let’s get more of that going on!

You can follow the latest about Chaos Group at www.chaosgroup.com or www.v-ray.com and Bottleship at www.bottleshipvfx.com

Hristo Velev, co-founder and FX lead, Bottleship VFX


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