Bottleship VFX

We are a dynamics/particles/destruction specialized VFX company based in the creative and cultural heart of one of the old European capitals – Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded and led by Hristo Velev and Martin Naydenski. 

Leading Expertise

Bottleship VFX’s team specializes in productions featuring heavy dynamics – destruction, water, fire, smoke, dust, etc – for the feature film, television & advertising markets.


Our expertise has been developed over a multitude of effects heavy production like 'Iron Man 3', '2012', 'Sucker Punch', 'Viy' and many more.

Hristo Velev, FX lead –  imdb

Martin Naydenski, CG lead –  imdb

Efficient Operation

Our specialization allows us to be compact and cost efficient, which we can pass on to you as attractive rates. We are tightly focused on what we do best, so we can produce your work fast and without waste. We are interested in working with you on developing your projects and offering creative solutions to traditionally difficult challenges. 


Our team is on the leading edge of the development in the FX animation community. We continually nurture a web of connections with world class artists. Bottleship VFX prides itself on consistently contributing to the technical & creative progress of effects animation.